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Are You Seeking Small Business Consultancy Services In London?

These aren’t the easiest times in which to grow a small business, but with an expert consultant on your side you’re much more likely to thrive. 

Contrary to many people’s misconceptions, a large number of businesses were established during the pandemic. It’s estimated that between 2020-2021 over 800,000 new incorporations were founded; that’s the biggest number in UK history for one year. It’s a testament to the people’s resilience and creativity during difficult times.

Thanks to the cost of living crisis, start-ups face new challenges, especially if they’re in a competitive industry. London is still one of the greatest cities in the world for running a business and our consultants can help you get ahead of the crowd.

GACS is ideal for small businesses seeking consultancy services in London, with our services including:

  • Business planning. Our consultancy services can help you to clarify your goals and improve your decision making process. By hiring an expert in business planning,it’s easier to create a roadmap and get support for funding.
  • Market research. Making sure your products or services have maximum appeal is key for growing any company. In order to create effective marketing messages, market research is essential. It can also help you to determine new customer opportunities and in some cases avoid making costly mistakes. Knowing your target audience and what motivates and inspires them is crucial.
  • Financial modeling for startup businesses. This will reduce the risk of financial losses and help you generate better profits and meet your budget with greater ease.

Services also include pricing and product services, marketing and brand creation, and fund raising services.

GACS  (Goel Advisory and Consulting Services) love helping companies get the funding they need to get off the ground. Our consultants have worked with businesses in a range of industries, including the property sector.

Praised for being ‘highly knowledgeable’ and for truly caring if companies succeed, we provide all the advice and support you need.

Find out more about our small business consultancy services in London, or simply get in touch with our team for more information.


We offer a wide range of services to startups, including business planning, market research, financial modeling, and more.

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