what should be de-risked at each funding stage

Navigating the startup journey involves addressing specific risks at each funding stage. Here's a glimpse into key considerations:

- Pre-Seed : Mitigate technical risk by validating your concept through prototypes and proof of concept. Lay a solid foundation for future development.

- Seed : Focus on market risk reduction. Conduct thorough market research, validate your target audience, and refine your value proposition to align with market demands.

- Series A : Navigate Go-to-Market (GTM) risk. Fine-tune your sales and marketing strategy, ensuring a solid plan for customer acquisition and sustainable growth.

- Series B : Tackle Total Addressable Market (TAM) expansion risk. Explore new market segments and scalability options to maximize growth potential.

- Stage C+ : Shift attention to culture risk. As your startup scales, nurture a strong company culture to sustain innovation, employee engagement, and overall success.

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